Welcome to 2019 

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2019.  I hope you had a great Chrissy and New Year.  I had a great time with family, a few shows here and there and beautiful South West Rocks weather. 

This year is already shaping up to be huge.  After touring Tasmania last year with my Neil Diamond - The Man, The Music Tribute show, I will be touring the show through Victoria, the ACT and NSW during Feb/Mar/April.  There are around 30 shows booked between the bottom of Victoria and Lightning Ridge, so I'm really looking forward to playing new venues in new locations that I haven't toured previously.

The middle of the year will see a repeat performance through Queensland between June and August.  Again, can't wait for that trip!

This is also to be the year of my writing a follow up album to 'Frontier'.  No doubt I will find some stories in my travels that may well make the album, but suffice to say the focus will once again be on bringing Australian history to life in the modern format that has made Frontier so successful for my original shows and well received by those who have purchased the albums. 

To everyone who has come along to a show or purchased an album or two over the past twelve months, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Here's to a great 2019 - I can't wait to bring my shows and music to a whole new batch of audiences.

Just noticed I have an option here to upload a track, so please enjoy the third song off Frontier - 'Government Man'. :)