Right - Post Covid lockdowns - Back to Business!

Well what a couple of years we've all had.  From a musician and hospitality perspective it's been interesting to say the least.  Is always frustrating to put a line through 40 odd booked gigs, but there are others a lot worse off and life is now getting back to normal.

So what is the new normal?  I'm glad to say that this year I already have over 80 gigs booked, dancing and singing is allowed again in NSW, masks are no longer mandatory and it appears as though we are getting back to some semblance of what was our old lives.

Music wise being locked down gave me a great opportunity to learn a heap of new covers for my pub/club shows. The writing side of things has not re-emerged yet but I'm very keen to do a follow up album to 'Frontier' which has been very well received. 

Am updating my gig guide now for all upcoming shows - including some Neil Diamond tribute shows that have been booked.  Hopefully will catch up with some of you around the traps.