Latest News - upcoming shows

G'day everyone.  Well…what's been happening?  Lots of shows as usual - in fact I added them up and I have booked around 150 shows so far for 2023 which is a great result.  Thank you as always to all my regular venues.

I did a little bit of recording - if you head over to my Facebook page you'll see a song I wrote on there ‘Sheds and Wives’ which was a bit of a comedy thing that came to mind one day a while back.   Link to that is here

In big news I'm heading back to Tasmania with my ‘Neil Diamond - The Man, The Music Tribute’ show.  That will be happening between early February and mid March by the time I get back.  Check out the gig guide section for all the dates.

I have just updated all my upcoming bookings in the gig guide.  Most of these are on the Mid North Coast of NSW, however I also have a Neil Diamond show at Burleigh Bowling Club early November which will be tops.

Right - that's about it for now.  Thank you to everyone as always for coming to my shows - it is for you of course that I do all this so your patronage and friendship is always most appreciated.