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For at least 50,000 years the Australian continent was solely occupied by the Australian Aborigine - making them potentially one of the oldest continuous cultures on Earth. The Aboriginal belief system revolves around the Dreamtime - a spiritual connection between Aboriginal people and all of Earth's creations that exists to this day. 'Flowers of Blood' revolves around one such Dreamtime story, and explains how a tribal war over a woman (of course!) led to the creation of the flowers of blood (the Sturt Desert Pea).


Copyright 2016 Craig Stewart

Flowers of blood grow from spirit tears,
Where a jealous man met a cloud with spears,
Old man tells how a tribe was slain,
Where the flowers of blood and stones remain,
In his people's land,
In his people's land

He was raised the son of an emu man,
Initiated into his clan,
From the great ones camped up in the sky,
Was provided all he'd need to thrive,
In his people's land
In his people's land

He's the wind that sweeps in from the plains,
The dingo the kangaroo,
He's the one that dances for the rains,
The keeper of Uluru,
He's the teller of his stories,
His footprints in the sand,
This ancient man,
That understands,
His people's land