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I try to get into the heads of the subjects I write about through extensive research. This song was interesting, as I had to get inside the head of a paddle steamer!
I've performed at the Mildura music festival numerous times, and love being near the Murray River. It has a rich history as Australia's first real lifeline with the continent's interior. When I started to think about the steamers, I realised they were built specifically for the Murray, from the redgums that grow on her banks. Today the 'Adelaide', based in Echuca, is the oldest wooden paddle steamer in the world. That's a pretty special thing in my book. This song wasn't written specifically about the Adelaide, but could have been. It tells the story of the wonderful relationship that has existed between the Murray and her steamers that continues to this day for those that have survived the ravages of time.


The Murray and Me
Copyright 2016 Craig Stewart

Well she starts out just a mountain stream,
Way up in the Kosciuszko country.
But with the melting of the Winter snow,
She picks up pace and aways she goes,
The mighty Murray.
For fifteen hundred miles she carves
Her way towards the sea.
But every year she'll wait a while,
And dance her dance with me.

See I was carved from her river gums,
And ever since we've worked as one
Along the valley.
From Echuca through to Murray Bridge,
And way up on the Darling
Far beyond the Mallee.
Still every time we throw the line,
She'll try and take the lead.
So fire up the boiler boys,
And bring her up to speed.
Ooooh, The Murray and Me.

In her day she was the great highway,
That the steamers took, to ply their trade
With the stations
And in the towns that sprung up on her shore,
We'd meet the rail, and send it all
Across the nation
So load up the barges boys,
The Darling's running free.
We'll take a thousand bales or more,
And get 'em to the sea.
Oooooh, The Murray and Me

Well although those days have now long gone,
There's some of us who carry on
The memory.
So step on board and I'll show you 'round,
Tell you how we helped to found
The country.
We'll head up around the bend
And then I'll get my head of steam.
The two of us have passed our prime,
But still make quite a team.
Ooooh, The Murray and Me
Ooooh, The Murray and Me
Ooooh, The Murray and Me