From the recording Bellbirds & Blackboys

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© 2007 Craig Stewart
**Played in D with capo on 2nd fret**

E E/G# E/A E E/G# E/A B
E E/G#
She was staked out on a piece of ground by a quiet mountain stream
And the story’s told how the call of gold brought thousands chasing dreams
E E/G#
She had five hotels and stores to sell goods right along the street
But as the claims ran dry, she slowly died as most chose to leave
E/G# E/A B
Those days are over now
E/G# E/A B
Still she survived somehow

As the hands of time have rolled on by she’s given up her all
We’ve farmed her lands, built up dams, sent her sons to way
And those that came who chose to stay all look to her with pride
This little town that won’t lay down and die without a fight
She is the only home,
That I have ever known,

A E/G#
This old town has a proud history
F#m B7 E
Of standing up for what is right, fighting for the free
A E/G# F#m
Together as we’ve live as one, It’s plain to see, we’ve become a team
A B7 E E/G# E/A E E/G# E/A B
This old town and me

Do you remember how we’d run around with shanghais through the scrum
And the sheer delight of cracker night as we’d watch the sky light up
I bet you can’t forget that bull that chased you up the tree
Or the day that I dried your eyes as you said yes to me
The kids are older now
Still they survived somehow
C#m B A E C#m B A B